Making DIY Solar Power Panels at Home

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Close – DIY solar panels that you can make at home without applying to solar panel companies.

Solar Power Panel
The main component of DIY solar power system is the solar panel. It can be placed on the roof of the house. Each panel consists of individual photovoltaic (PV) cells. These solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. As such individual solar cells produce a small amount of energy they are connected to one another. Then the connected solar cells are placed in a special frame and covered with special glass. The obtained DIY solar panel is usually mounted on the roof where the sunlight is not obstructed by the trees.

Solar Power Battery
Batteries store energy generated by the solar panel for its use at night or when the sunlight on the solar panel is not received. Although there are many different batteries, lead-acid batteries are one of the best and widely used in DIY solar power systems.
Battery capacity is measured in ampere-hours at a certain voltage. We must choose a battery that can store the energy enough for 5 days of functioning without the sunlight.

Solar Power Charge Controller
To extend the life of the solar battery you need a controller. The controller is needed to prevent the battery from overcharging. The controller monitors the battery voltage and reduces or stops charging when the voltage rises above normal. When the battery voltage drops, the controller allows you to continue charging. Controllers vary due to the amount of current that they can handle. It is better to buy a more powerful controller, because it is not very expensive and will handle more power.


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