Megastructures national geographic● World largest solar power panels house in India of 648 Megawatts

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Megastructures national geographic created solar power panels megastructures youtube video for extreme megastructures video lovers.
World largest solar power panels related megastructures power plant installed at Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu, India. This mega structures installation has started during 2015. This solar power plant megastructures required 2.5 million solar module installations to get 648 Megawatts solar power to the Tamil Nadu’s 300000 house. This megastructure is the largest solar power panels in the world. During 2013, the second largest solar power panels plant had installed at Rosamond, California, United States of America. That megastructures solar panels capacity were 576 Megawatt which can provide electricity to 255000 families. But adani solar power plant in Tamilnadu is the world largest solar plant installation. 2500 acres land area was required to complete this solar power panels installation which is 60 times of the area of Taj Mahal. 8500 peoples were engaged in that megastructures installation. Adani group of India have installed this megastructures. India Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that within 2022 they will capable of 175 gigawatts renewable energy generation.
Solar irradiation is the important factors for solar power generation. Solar irradiant is a number of sun rays fall on the solar panels or Photovoltaic cells surface. Tamil Nadu’s ramnathpur district has the huge amount of solar irradiant density per day. When sun rays fall on the solar cells surface or Photovoltaic module they excite electron to move forward. This electron movement in the solar cells generates DC current or direct current. Each and every solar cell related to an inverter. A large number of concentrated DC current flows to the inverter and output of inverter produce Alternating current or AC current. This is supplied to the grid.
Adani Solar power plant uses SCADA system to control their megastructures solar plant. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition or SCADA is the project that ensures a certain amount of electricity per day by setting up a limit. This SCADA is software based module is connected to the inverter of Photovoltaic cells or solar panels systems.
Megastructures youtube solar power panels’ installation required 1500 to 2000 piles in the soil per day. Structural engineers need to ensure each and every pile by testing pull out test. Finally, they have to complete 400000 total piles in that megastructures national geographic solar power plant. That megastructures solar power planes required 12070 acres land only to complete installation of PV module or the photovoltaic module. And that megastructures solar power panel’s house also required 476 pieces inverter to generate dc power to AC power. That megastructures national geographic solar panels plant also required 144 pre-engineering building to mount 476 inverters. This Adani kamuthi megastructures youtube solar power plant required 30000 metric tons galvanized steel metal for the installation of solar panels table, pilling and tower. Using the same amount of metal 4 new Eiffel tower can be constructed. Solar panels and inverter were connected with different size of cables. HT cables and LT cables. That megastructures youtube solar power panels plant required 7700 kilometers cable installation which are the equivalent distance of New Delhi, India to Perth, Australia.
Adani group have imported Silicon PV (Photovoltaic cells) module from 8 different manufacturers to the installation of that megastructures national geographic solar power panels plant. Those manufacturers are from China, Japan, Malaysia, and Italy.
How to clean solar panels or PV module of that mega structures solar power plant? Lots of dust and soil decrease the solar irradiant to PV module. That’s why ECOPPIA Company supplied robotic solar panels cleaning system. That robotic cleaning system uses soft microfiber which is mounted on the wheel. That system easily cleans outer surface of that megastructures solar panels.
We have seen installing solar power panels which provided for home. Solar power energy is basically renewable energy which installation is easy and cost effective. This mega structure youtube video about photo-voltaic cells or pv panels is now main interest for scientists. This documentary mega structure can be implemented or installation of solar panels can be done for home.


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