Off The Grid Living – 1,500 Watt Solar System – Upgrade – 12v System 80 Amps

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Off The Grid Living – 1,500 Watt Solar System upgrade 12v system 80 amps. So I added more solar to my system now its a 1,500 Watt solar system plus 2 wind turbines.

Welcome to my channel: My channel is about How I use renewable energy to live off the Grid on the Big Island of Hawaii. I use renewable energy Wind Turbines Solar Panels and other ways to achieve my way of life. I started my channel because I wanted to share my experience living the off grid. I started with a small 12v off gird system and now I am building a Brand New 48v Off Grid Home here in Hawaii. If you follow me you will see where i started and where i am going. I am sharing the way i have done this and want to share any tips i can to help others that may be in the same situation or may be thinking about living off the grid. There is a lot of good information on my channel and a lot more to come. My VLog – Modern Off Grid DIY

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