OTG15W Portable & Rechargeable Emergency/Survival Solar Power Generator

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Learn more about OTG15W: http://www.linortek.com/otg-15w-emergency-solar-power-generator/
The OTG15W solar power system is an emergency and remote power charging station for communication and information critical devices. It’s self-contained, solar rechargeable batteries, store power for travel and emergency/disaster preparedness.
The built-in replaceable 18amp/hour batteries recharge with the built in 15W solar panel or standard home outlet. You will always be ready for storms, blackouts and dead batteries.

Highlighted Features

Built in inverter and charge controller
Detailed instruction sheet
High Quality USA Design & Assembly, dependability when you need it
Self-Contained, Portable Power Generator
Charge and operate cell phones, laptops, radios, lighting, camping gear and more.
AC/DC/USB power outputs.
18 amp/hours batteries. 15 watts.
Rechargeable by Solar or AC.
Backlit digital LCD display panel to check battery status and charging rate.
Programmable features include – automatic dusk turn on and sleep.
Master battery cut off switch ensures long battery life and safe storage.
Low battery warning and over-load protection.
SOS flasher will run for more than 2 weeks

Solar Panel – 15W Mono Crystalline Silicon
AC Input – 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz fused at 2A
AC Output – 120VAC 60Hz 150W Modified Sine Wave
DC Output – 12VDC 8A Unregulated PTC Fused
USB Output – 5V 500mA Regulated Current Limited
Standby Power – 20mA Nominal, 4mA Protect Mode
Batteries – 2x12VDC 9AHr SLA
Battery Dimensions – F2 Terminals 151Lx65Dx94H mm
Low Battery Shutdown – 11.5V to 10V – Depending on Load
AC Charging Current: ~2 Amp
Solar Charging Current: ~750mA Full Sunlight
LED Light – 3W High Brightness
Dimensions: 19.5″W x 3.5″D x 12.5″H / 490W x 90D x 320H mm
Weight: ~21.5Lbs (it is a heavy little bugger)
Indicators – On/Standby LED, 2×8 Character LCD Panel
Fuses Internal – 16A 5×20. Spare Included on Board
Storage Temperature – 15 to 40°C


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