Overview of our off grid solar cabin (tiny home) after 2 years

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We have been asked for a overview of our cabin and homestead. In this video we do a complete walk around explaining were we started and how we have changed things.
From our start with harbor freight panels to our first 2 panels and now 9 panels at 24 volts and 2170 watts.
From our 800 watt rebel 12 volt turbine to our freedom 2 dual pmg turbine.
Show our chickens and discuss the changes there.
Show a few of the items we have acquired to make our life easier creating and maintaining our homestead.
Go over the inside of the cabin (tiny home) and explain what we have in it. from heating, composting toilet, and water system.
Rain collection system and our fresh water system.

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Hat Cam is ActionCamNX with Hat clip
by PedsProducts.com
Hand Held Camera’s are Samsung HMX-F90 52x optical zoom and Fujifilm finepix HDMI camera with video
Video Edited with Camtasia 2 for Mac http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html

This Video is the property of Bill and Rosa our off grid solar cabin. DO NOT use any portion of this video without our expressed permission.

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