Affordable home protection with this EMP hardened solar generator.
Part one of the solar generator build. In this video I make all the power cables required to assemble the power generation portion of the Solar generator.
This step by step video goes over the entire build process for the SOLN1-25. The SOLN1-25 is a portable solar generator that can be easily made using off the shelf components. It is a versatile [More]
A review of the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator. Bibles and Barbells Store: Goal Zero Yeti 400: Specs:
Hey everyone, thanks for your interest in my product! I have received numerous requests to put together a video on my line of Tactical Solar Power Generators, so here is one that features the SG1A [More] MUSIC FROM GARAGEBAND NOT THE HIT CREW! This is a small 24v DC geared motor I attached to one of our Small Stirling Engines using plumbing fixtures for a mount. This is a NO [More]
In this video I talk about sizing your solar power system and in particular taking losses into account. More details and information on my forum here:… Link to solar power system sizing spreadsheet here:… [More]
So how is sunlight collected and transferred to power a garden light, blender, etc.? Watch this video from A short history on how the photovoltaic process was discovered, how it works, how people started [More]
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Why? This solar technology is distinguished by its use of mirrors to capture light and focus it onto a small generator to produce electricity and thermal energy. The parabolic optical dish follows the sun from [More]
This is my solar panel system I got from harbor freight.. Just proof that it really works……. Hopefully this helps with anyone kinda tossing the idea around in their head about if they should take [More]
CLICK to LEARN HOW TO BUILD SOLAR PANELS Solar energy is now considered as the best option to save money. Though it needs a high initial investment, the advantages of using the free solar [More]