GIANT FRESNEL LENS TROUGH MIRROR Green Jobs Training. This took all day to set up and nothing went right:-) I went through three leaks and hose breaks. The max power was 20 watts, pretty [More]
Tosmo co., ltd. exhibits Solar and wind hybrid power generation system “SolarMill” in PVJapan 2014 They introduce a hybrid power generation system of solar power and wind power generation of the upright type that automatically [More]
This is my first solar project. It turned out very well, even better than I expected. I am currently using 100w of solar panel to charge two 125 Amp Hour batteries. These two batteries run [More]
Check out the link if you’re searching for the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit at BEST PRICE on SALE – with Cart, 4 Boulder 30 solar panels, 2 Panel Carrying Cases, 1 [More]
We go over some common misconceptions about #SolarEnergy – Know the facts before you write off something that could be your way off the #Grid! Call (800)SOLAR-USA or visit us online at
I still need to get some solar panels, but with this Power Supply, I should be able to run a mini-fridge, LED lights, laptop, CPAP, small fans, charge phones and other various types of batteries, [More] Whole house video installation and demonstration with an explanation regarding rebates and SREC value in the State of Pennsylvania. This video is not in any way connected with Astrum Solar, we are simply customers [More] – A review of the current top 3 fuel-less, solar power generators: The Lion Energy L-1500, the Goal Zero Yeti 1250, and the Solutions from Science Perfect Power 1800. Each has their pros and [More]
In this video I feature solar generators I build using both new, reconditioned and used parts that are ISO 9001 and/or CE certified. Find out more about my company at For the benefit of [More]
A Simple “Electrolysis” Experiment shows how to “Split Water” into Oxygen/Hydrogen with a Solar Panel (or battery) and water. very easy to do. The graphite in the pencils conduct electricity (from solar panel or battery) [More]
Updated video from Total Solar Innovations explaining WHY our portable solar systems are considered by many to be the best available on the market.