Portable Solar Generator

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This is a Freshman build of a Portable Solar Charger, no expense spared, 30 Amp MPPT Charge Controller, 123 Ah Deep cycle Marine Battery. Power outputs include 2 GFCI DC outlets in lower box, Jump terminals to connect batteries in series or jump a car if needs be, Kill switch for battery power. 9 Volt and USB power on lower end of Box. MC4 Connectors for solar panels, Battery tender affixed into the box, for ease of charging in a no sun condition.

The connections within have all been soldered and the box will not need to be opened for 5 years and only to replace the battery. The rigid box design provides a rod which runs down the side and locks it shut.

Moves easily on wheels, self Grounded Scale-able Solar power Solution.

Rock solid build!!!!


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