Primus Solar Lighting Kit – Solar Camping Light Kits

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The Primus solar lighting kit is an essential piece of kit for the modern camper available now!

This solar light kit consists of four lights, a battery pack, solar panel, and more connections for a plethora of devices that one could possibly need while enjoying the great outdoors. There is also a handy cigarette accessory plug which can easily be swapped out with one of the lights for any 12V accessories you may have.

A full charge takes between 8-10 hours and will return 16 hours of runtime if you are using all four lights. The beautiful thing about the primus battery pack is that you can scale up or down your energy usage depending on the amount of charge the battery has received to increase running time so you’re not left in the dark!

The Primus battery pack and solar panel is extremely portable as you can see from the video, making it easier to pack without taking up heaps of precious boot space. At Top Frog, we’ve found that campers love the ability to charge their phones and other electrical devices such as cameras with ease thanks to the handy connections supplied with the light kit.

If your looking for a solar lighting kit for your next camping trip you can’t go past the Primus battery pack for it’s durability, light weight, and plethora of attachments. Easily one of our most popular products at Top Frog.

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