“SAMURAI” Solar Power Generating System for Home Use by Kyoc

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Kyocera exhibited the “SAMURAI” solar power generating system for home use at the ECO Products 2008 show.
The system features a multi layout that combines two different types of solar cell modules. Both module types have a short longitudinal width but the horizontal lengths are different with one being shorter than the other. Because of the multi layout feature, the SAMURAI system can be beautifully installed even on hipped roofs and roofs with complex shapes, and because the system efficiently utilizes the available roof space, more solar cell modules can be installed, and as a result, more power can be generated.
In addition, the surface area and weight of the SAMURAI system are both about one-third that of conventional products available in the past, and the thickness is about one-fifth. The result is a lighter weight system with a thinner design.


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