Simple DIY 800 Watt Off Grid Solar Powered Cabin Home Rv

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Simple DIY 800 Watt Off Grid Solar Powered Cabin Home Rv setup. so went to help my Neighbor setup a simple 800 Watt Off Grid Solar System for her cabin, she only has 4 led lights in her home 1 led tv and a Refrigerator. she has 6-6v golf cart batteries wired in series and Parallel to make a 12v battery system. 1-2,000 watt inverter, 1 midnite solar charge controller, 5 solar panels each solar panel is 160w I wired them in series to run the solar panels in high voltage. I also installed 3 dc disconnect switches 1 between battery and inverter 1 between battery and charge controller and 1 between solar panels and charge controller. The charge controller steps down the high voltage to charge the batteries Correctly. I will make some adjustments to the charge controller once I find the charging spec for the batteries. so far everything is running good but I will do a follow up. I’m glad I was able to help her.

Anyone can install a small solar system like this one if you need power off the grid or in National disasters or emergencies. Right now lots of people in Puerto Rico don’t have any Electricity I hope my videos helps others.

I have lots of videos please check my other videos and I have a lot more to coming up.


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