Solar Electric PV And Wind Home Power Bill “2” kWh February 2017 By KVUSMC

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This Is A Video Of My Solar Electric PV / Photovoltaic and Wind System 4 OutBack EnergyCell 200 GH AGM Batteries Which Is A 380 Amp Hour Battery Bank At 24 Volts My System Consists Of 3,510 Watts Of Kyocera Solar Panels And 2 WindMax 1000 Watt Wind Turbines At 24 Volt With An OutBack Power GVFX 3524 Inverter And 3 OutBack FlexMax 80 MPPT Charge Controllers ! My Power Bill For February of 2017 “2”( kWh) “Usage” And How It Works And Explained ! Also New Conditioned Crawlspace And New Carrier Performance 15 Series 16 SEER Heat Pump !!
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KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr


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