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Ken Howard

The Redflow ZBM flow battery is a low cost, Grid Parity, energy dense, long life cycle, alternative, which affordably replaces:

UPS Systems
Carbon Fueled Generators
Fuel Cells
Lead Acid, Gel and Lithium Batteries
Fly Wheel Storage
Thermal Storage
Phase Change Storage
Pumped Hydro Storage:
Compressed Air Storage

The Redflow ZBM flow battery can effectively be used to:

Eliminate Power Outages
Ensure 100% Power Security & Autonomy
Grid Tie, for Net Metering
Store Alternative/Sustainable Energy
Store “Non Peak” Grid Power
Eliminate “Peak Power Surcharges”
Decrease or Eliminate Energy Costs

The Redflow ZBM flow battery can easily integrate with solar PV panels and other sustainable energy forms.

Redflow ZBM flow batteries provide 100% inherent depth-of-discharge characteristics, ideally engineered to cache and store sustainable energy for indefinitely long periods of time and precisely when needed. Unlike traditional technologies,
Redflow ZBM batteries can withstand regular outages without being damaged.

Our flow batteries are designed for:

Multi-hour cycling
Time-of-day energy shifting
Energy shifting in peak consumption times
Mission Critical Autonomy & Security
Sustainable Energy Storage
Grid Tie or “Off Grid”

When integrated with sustainable energy, Redflow ZBM batteries benefit customers, networks and generators by providing a low cost, effective and eco friendly energy storage solution.

This type of energy storage becomes even more important as the penetration of tariffs from renewable energy sources begins to exceed 15–20%.

A number of our installed energy storage systems are combined with sustainable energy sources, such as, Morgan Solar Sun Simba™ to effectively generate and store energy.


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