Solar power for businesses – Commercial Solar PV from EvoEnergy

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Video transcription:
You’re looking at one of Britain’s biggest solar panel installations, 1400 panels stretching away into the distance, across two vast roofs and all of it installed by EvoEnergy in just over four weeks.

Another job comfortably completed by one of Britain’s biggest solar power companies. EvoEnergy carries out around two hundred installations a month; it covers the whole country with offices around the UK with teams of expert engineers, designers and installers. It’s in the perfect position to meet the growing demand for business for solar energy.

“it’s a great time for business to install solar, they’re achieving a good return on investment, between 11-12% return, they’re securing their energy prices, also importantly, they’re offsetting their carbon emissions, so they’re producing clean, green electricity.

So what do our customers think, Andrew Dennis is a former winner of radio four’s farmer of the year, he’s an organic farmer passionate about the environment and the landscape. When he wanted a solar panel system for his Lincolnshire farm, he chose EvoEnergy.
“The installation was faultless, EvoEnergy the company we used were extremely good and attentive, and professional. We’ve only been commissioned for ten days, so far things are looking positive, we’re glad we made the investment.”

EvoEnergy offers a turnkey service offering everything from designing, installing, maintaining and monitoring and even finance.

At this Builders merchant the last panel is going on and the system is firing up for the first time, producing clean green electricity, which is earning an income too.

“Well it seems an investment, it’s nice to be seen a forward thinking company, we like to pride ourselves on that, we thought this was a good situation to do it, being on a main road, and to let everyone know that we are a forward thinking company as people can see it as they drive by.”

EvoEnergy delivers a high quality service, tailor made to its clients needs, but don’t just take our word for it, we’ve just been named as Installer of the Year by the Renewable Energy Association.

“EvoEnergy is a professional, design and installation company, we’ve done many of the largest projects in the UK, but we also pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service to homeowners and businesses. Whether, the clients are after the most cost effective solution, to the most powerful, we make sure we match those products and have those products available for those customers.”

“Solar is an investment that is a guaranteed income for the next twenty years. It’s important to get it right from day one, if you get it right, solar is a fit and forget technology and that’s what EvoEnergy does for our customers.”

EvoEnergy can fit roof or ground based systems, whatever your questions about solar power, EvoEnergy has the answer.


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