Building my first lithium-ion based 18650 Solar Power Generator in a small format for charges devices as well as drone batteries. This video (part 1) reviews the major parts that will be used in the [More]
In this video I will show you how to make a 18650 battery pack for Solar generator/ Power bank/e-Bike or any other application.The procedure is same for all. The specification of the Battery Pack is [More]
Please Help us Make this video go viral by sharing it ******************************************************************************** List of parts used to make this project: Laptop Batteries 18650 Holders Copper buss bars Cell Fuse wire [More]
It’s quite easy to use old car batteries from a Tesla, Nissan, Chevy or Smart car for use in an off grid solar system. ◆ DIY Homestead Projects Facebook Group ◆ DIY Culvert Cistern [More]