We have probably all seen electric generators by now which are essentially just big batteries… more so than real generators. You can set them up at home for power outages or use them camping to [More]
Missouri S&T students craft shipping containers and discarded wooden pallets into a home that will compete against other universities in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. Students spend two years designing, building and testing [More]
Did you miss SPI 2015? See what happened this year at North America’s largest solar trade show! #SPIcon
600W Portable Solar Power Generator – Build – RSA Patent Application No 2014 03823 2015 visit : www.solarpowerenergy.co.za for more details
This will be an update to a video that I did on 6-2-2015 with the same title (How To Build A Simple 35AH Solar Generator For QRP-HF and 2 Meter Ham Radio. When we have [More]
Free energy is the idea that a low-cost power source can be found that requires little to no input to generate a significant amount of electricity. Such devices can be divided into two basic categories: [More]
http://www.gofundme.com/UAHSeniorDesign If you care anything about renewable energy, engineering research, or reducing electrical bills, please help fund us at GoFundMe.com or share on any social media sight. Anything helps! Thank you. Our senior design team [More]
The SURE HOUSE started with a simple question: how can we design a home which both reduces its energy use and adapts to the realities of a changing, more extreme climate. Our answer emerged as [More]
Read more about altE’s visit to SPI 2015: https://www.altestore.com/blog/2015/09/alte-visits-solar-power-international-2015/ Video collage of altE Store sightings at the 2015 Solar Power International Convention where the newest technology in solar panels and solar power products is found [More]
Magnet Motor Free Energy 2015. The technology described Free energy device a hypothetical perpetual motion device that creates energy, thereby contradicting the laws of thermodynamics or a device which collects energy at zero cost…. Power [More]
Solar panel is a great system that can help you generate electricity from the sun energy. There are several types of solar panels that are available on the market. You need to select the best [More]
On September 16, 2015 U.S. Vice President Joe Biden addressed the Solar Power International trade show in Anaheim. He is the most senior government official to speak at a solar trade show to date. This [More]