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See how the basic components for a simple DIY 12v solar set up are connected together.
Video on the basic solar power components I use at my retreat location. Too large for a bug out gag but small enough to put away so parts don’t walk off while I’m away.
Solar Power System Basic Components in Urdu Language Lecture 2 In this lecture we discuss the basic components or parts of Solar Energy System. Solar energy system is consists of first is the solar plates, [More]
Solar Power Installations are not always understood by home owners, for Great Prices – – This brief video is to provide people with a basic understanding of Solar Panel / Solar Power installation and [More]
I recently installed a 100 watt solar panel system on Brittany and my Winnebago (Winnie). In this video I provide some good information to help others in their potential solar system installs. However, I wanted [More]
A basic primer into the principles of a wind and Solar home generation system to reduce the environmental impact and energy costs. This also increases self reliance and independence.
How to build a basic portable solar power system camping,boating,off grid living. Useful info for those thinking about leaving their power bills behind. This detailed video shows how to build a basic solar powered set-up. [More] “Home Solar Panels – Basic Solar Power for your Solar Heating Panels” So you and your wife are looking for ways to save on electricity! How are you going to achieve that? Are, you [More]
Once again- not a pro! Just sharing our DIY system for anyone else out there looking to do the same. It can be done! TOTAL SYSTEM COST: $6300. Not including racking for panels. We wanted [More]
WARNING: This video is intended for information purposes only, working with electricity can be dangerous, If you are not qualified, please consult an electrician before attempting any tasks shown in this video. Useful info for [More]