Solar energy is the most abundant renewable resource on earth and is expected to contribute strongly to the future global energy mix Concentrating solar power had a difficult market start compared to other renewable technologies, [More]
DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — The Dubai government has approved an extension to the world’s largest single-site solar farm. The government has given the green light to a 700-MW addition to the Mohammed bin Rashid [More]
18 March 2013 The oil-rich state of Abu Dhabi has officially opened the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant. Shams 1 – which means ‘the sun’ in Arabic – uses advanced parabolic trough technology to [More]
Better solar power will mean more energy and more lithium needed! Uploaded on Nov 14, 2010 Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight [More]
Concentrated solar power plant in Tibet, China China, Qinghai province, Delingha 青海德令哈10MW光热发电工程 全国首个工业化光热电站正式在青海运行 青海德令哈50MW塔式太阳能热发电站一期10MW项目正式投运,同时,这也是我国首个大型工业化运行的光热电站。该项目采用我国企业自主研发的小镜面、模块化设计的塔式太阳能热发电技术,电站年平均效率可达20%。
Reportage of SEGS I and SEGS II, 43,5 MW of Solar Power Plants located at Daggett in Mojave’s Desert, California. Those SEGS are an hybrid Solar/gas boiler power plant. August 2007 by Giuseppe Tavella
Well before “green” became a buzzword, A.T.E. decided to build environmental businesses. Before “Make in India” became a thing, we thought it right to “invent in India”, and set about creating original and sustainable products [More]
Conozca cómo funciona el sistema de almacenamiento integrado de la Torre de Potencia de Concentración Solar Térmica de SolarReserve