Premier générateur stirling solaire européen de 10 Kw … Développé par un consortium Germano-Espagnol en 2001 et mis en activité à Milan, Italie. (Archive Vidéo) Doc .pdf : European Solar Powered Stirling 10 Kilowatt [More] Made in America Compliant The SPG12KW-120 Solar Power Generator from Larson Electronics is a towable power generation unit powered and charged by solar arrays containing 36 Kyocera high efficiency, multi-crystal photovoltaic modules. This unit [More]
FLYLINE STAND ALONE DC TO AC POWER CONVERTER Flyline solar off-grid power house is an electronic device which converts direct current into alternating current. DC to AC inverters is available with power outputs ranging from [More] The EuroDish is an innovative 10 kilowatt solar stirling generator for decentralized power generation in Europe, developed by a German-Spanish consortium in 2001. The devise is currently in operation producing electricity in Milan, Italy.