Man this thing is cool. I got my hands on one of Goal Zero’s brand new Lithium Yeti 1400s and I am in love. While these aren’t cheap, they give some amazing versatility in a [More]
Building my first lithium-ion based 18650 Solar Power Generator in a small format for charges devices as well as drone batteries. This video (part 1) reviews the major parts that will be used in the [More]
Please Help us Make this video go viral by sharing it ******************************************************************************** List of parts used to make this project: Laptop Batteries 18650 Holders Copper buss bars Cell Fuse wire [More]
It’s quite easy to use old car batteries from a Tesla, Nissan, Chevy or Smart car for use in an off grid solar system. ◆ DIY Homestead Projects Facebook Group ◆ DIY Culvert Cistern [More]
In this video, Cheap Lithium Solar Batteries for Home are listed. Lithium Battery cost has been dropping by approximately 8% per year. Although it is out of reach for many, but soon it will become [More]
Buy direct from Inergy with my coupon code that gives you 10% off, and free shipping (offer excludes Hawaii and Alaska): Coupon code: MOBILESOLAR Kodiak Website: More information about solar generators: Want solar [More]
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A test on my solar system in the morning to see what is left over from last night use ….well there is plenty left over in the lithium batteries!! Al my videos are only for [More]
The YETI 1400 lithium solar generator is a portable battery capable of storing a massive 1425Whr. And you can recharge it with solar power. Read the full article here:
showing what I think is the best solar generator for the price!