Example: PV array rating – 1000V, Inverter rating – 1000VA, Distance of consumer from inverting substation – 1000 Feet. Find the Cable size of outcomer of inverter and % voltage drop assuming full capacity operation [More]
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Part 1 of our video series on residential solar installs is ‘Foundation and racking.’ See more at www.solarenergy-usa.com Solar Energy USA does not claim to own the music featured in this video.
Simple spreadsheet to help you optimize your solar PV system using the properly sized wires. Spreadsheet is here: (Right click Save Target as) http://www.oynot.com/media/Basic_Voltage_drop_calculator_.xls
Hey! We’re Aaron and Melody, two married artists traveling around the country, camping in our SUV with our min pin Grimlock. We stay on public lands as much as possible and create are while we’re [More]
Solar Panels information: Installing solar panels on your rooftop. Solar Panels For Sale: http://solarpanelsforsale.info
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