Solar Powered Home Overview and Tips For Installing a Off Grid 48 Volt home power station.
I used the Harbor Freight 100 watt solar panel kit to provide lighting to my storage shed. The kit comes with four 25 watt panels which I mounted to the roof, a charge controller, and [More]
Light up any patio, garden or gazebo with these lights from Amir. The copper wire is 33 ft and has 100 lights that can be seen in any direction. They are water resistant and very [More]
I made this video because many people were asking the same 2 questions in the comment area about my solar powered generator. I found myself repeating the answers over and over so I thought I [More]
View the step by step guide: Be prepared before the next time the power goes out with a standby battery powered generator. Build your own battery backup system for your home or business. A [More]
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Premier générateur stirling solaire européen de 10 Kw … Développé par un consortium Germano-Espagnol en 2001 et mis en activité à Milan, Italie. (Archive Vidéo) Doc .pdf : European Solar Powered Stirling 10 Kilowatt [More]
Simple DIY 800 Watt Off Grid Solar Powered Cabin Home Rv setup. so went to help my Neighbor setup a simple 800 Watt Off Grid Solar System for her cabin, she only has 4 led [More]
Overview of a solar power system recently installed in my shed.
I get this question asked all the time, can I power my air conditioner with solar panels. Yes, of course you can. But how many panels and is it worth it? Lets find out!
See how the basic components for a simple DIY 12v solar set up are connected together.
A full post with cost info and product specifications: follow me on instagram for project updates: Thanks to Jason Andrade of West Coast Sustainables and to Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds This project [More]