Yes, I know a few times I meant to say watts and said amps :) The light is 2 watts not amps :) Battery is 20 AH AGM Link –
No preparedness strategy is complete without having a reliable source of power. The GoalZero Yeti 400, combined with (2) GoalZero Boulder 15 solar panels provides that capability. You can add up to 2 more Boulder [More]
Whether you want to #prep for the worst (natural disasters, terrorist attacks or the end of Western civilization) or you want to get off the grid and save money on your electricity bill, this video [More]
Our first experiment with making a small solar generator for our ham radio The connectors used are Anderson Power Poles purchased off ebay in bulk. The cigarette lighter adapter was purchased at walmart for [More]
Joey talks with Jim of about custom solar power for your home.