More Details : Solar Steam Generator is a final year mechanical engineering project. Using this device we can produce more than 500 Degree Celsius. Engineering & Science – Light Up Your Brain. Like us [More]
This is one of our 55.7″ Paraboloids (parabolic Mirror) that produces almost 2kW of solar power. They are beasts when it comes to solar heating. This is a continuous surface and 3.7 times more [More] This is the first video from our “Viewers Video” segment where we showcase GreenPowerScience inspired work or other work that offers great ideas in the Green Energy Field. Joe Carruth built this by himself [More]
GIANT FRESNEL LENS TROUGH MIRROR Green Jobs Training. This took all day to set up and nothing went right:-) I went through three leaks and hose breaks. The max power was 20 watts, pretty [More]
Dont Forget To – LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE This is the first time my dental air turbine handpiece works on steam! The steam is produced using my parabolic trough mirror which i made for [More]