Harbor Freight solar panel kit for coachman 29 foot 1985 travel trailer harbor freight Solar Panel Frame Mounting Kit harness the power of the sun with the Harbor Freight solar panel kit https://www.youtube.com/user/bh2471 http://www.kincheloecam.com/weather.html
Now with BONUS ROOM! The Journey XL pop-up tent camper is an easy, manageable way for families to gear up for adventure. The inside of Journey XL is separated into two (2) compartments. The Journey [More]
Basic Solar Panel System Install, including Inverter, wiring, Control Panel and Solar Panel.
Take a look at all the features on the 2015 Journey XL Solar Powered Tent Trailer. Part 2 of the video series takes a closer look at the trailer’s solar generator.
This video shows the completion of the Solar Generator Trailer mobile array. It is rated for 400 watts of power production but has been consistently doing more like 480-500 so I use a 40 amp [More]