This is starting to make some sense as we begin to wire up the solar system. This is part 3 in the series as I take my time and try to get it right. All [More]
In this video I tried to detail how I power my off grid cabin, the components used and the wiring diagram for the outlets, switches, etc. I hope that it helps people get a better [More]
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This is our off grid cabin that we built over the summer of 2013. This is showing how I wired the cabin using 12-2 wire throughout. I used 12-3 where I hard wired smoke/CO detectors. [More]
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This “how to make a solar panel” video shows how to connect everything together including all wiring, soldering and cell layout (using tabbed solar cells). Full easy instructions. if you are using “untabbed” solar cells [More] Learn how to interconnect all the basic components of an off-grid solar power system. We show you both the wiring and examples of the various components from solar panels and charge controller to inverter [More]
This A Video Series Of My Friend Wade And I Wiring Up My Daughter’s Solar And Grid Power Tiny House / Playhouse We Will Be Using Reliance Pro Tran 2 Transfer Panel / Sub Panel [More]
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This video will introduce you to the NEC requirements and best practices for wiring a photovoltaic (solar electric) system.