Tiny Home Solar Power ~ Bedini Motor ~ Off Grid RV

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Checking out the solar power in my tiny house on wheels now that I have the second solar charge controller in place. Update on the off grid RV and your suggestions please. Bedini Motor is up and running again restoring lead acid batteries.

I am running a bit blind with the second solar charge controller installed in the tiny house on wheels and no meter to see what I am getting from the solar panels. All I see is the output from one set of solar panels on the MPPT solar charge controller.

I hope to get a meter on there asap. I have also ordered some wires to connect the solar panels to the new PWM charge controller in parallel. This will allow me to get more power from the solar panels with the new solar charge controller.

I take you on a walk through the old RV. I have cleaned it out for my guests when they stayed here for their vacation. All the stuff either went into the laundry or my tiny house on wheels. I had not moved all my personal stuff and clothing out of there yet. Now the old RV is empty and waiting for its next assignment in life.

Should I keep it as an electronics work shop and guest house. Should I give it away. Sell it. Restore it the rest of the way. Please give me your opinions.

I have the Bedini Motor up and running again in the old off grid solar RV. I have lights and power in the old RV again. The Bedini SSG radiant energy generator is restoring my old golf cart batteries again. It will take some time because I had interrupted the process earlier for my vacation.

Follow my daily progress on the path to self sufficiency on my off grid solar homestead.

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