Unpacking And Testing A Nature Power Portable Solar Power Kit

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While staying in Coffs Harbour Australia a friend of mine let me borrow his Nature Power portable solar power kit to test out. This was my last day in Coffs.

I opened the box to find a 7 watt solar panel, a pair of LED lights, a bunch of wires, connectors and mounting hardware and a battery pack with built in solar charge controller.

I put the power pack outside under the deck roof and put the solar panel on the roof. I left it to charge up for the day.

This system has a 2.6 AH battery built in and has a 12 Watt capacity for powering small devices or charging cell phones.

The solar panel can also be connected directly to a 12 volt battery with the included connectors. It also comes with a cigarette lighter plug.

When I got home that evening I took the whole kit down to the room I was staying in. It is very dark down there at night.

I plugging in the LED lights and gave them a try. They do light up the room enough to read by easily. They are not large enough to light up the room like incandescent lights will but they do a nice enough job.

For camping, tenting or emergency backup lighting this is a pretty nice kit.

You can charge cell phones, tablet PCs and small electronic devices with this. There is a USB output port for all of you small devices. With the larger battery you can pretty much run all day and all night with this.

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