Wind & Solar Powered Generator – 2015 UAH Senior Design Project

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If you care anything about renewable energy, engineering research, or reducing electrical bills, please help fund us at or share on any social media sight. Anything helps! Thank you.

Our senior design team at UAH is designing, implementing, and experimenting with an operable prototype of a Solar & Wind Powered Generator for commercial and residential energy usage. This 2-in-1 design should drastically cut costs of energy bills and green house emissions for long term use. Our senior design class takes place Fall 2015, but we decided to begin half a year early to compensate for our exceptionally difficult project.

U.S Energy Information Administration data states in 2012 that the average power usage for a residential home is about 10,000kwh per year, and theoretically, a 10kw generator should supply that amount of energy and this prototype will be tested for actual energy supply.

Therefore, the more funds we receive, the higher quality of materials we will be able to use.

The ultimate reason of this project is that, currently, coal is the most used energy resource in America reaching 47% of all sources. Coal is also the dirtiest because it releases CO2 into the atmosphere. Strip mining of coal destroys ecosystems, flattens mountains, and releases other toxins into the air. On the other hand….Two of the cleanest, yet least used renewable energy sources, are solar and wind. Help us bring greener energies to Huntsville, America, and possibly, to other countries in need of clean power. With your help, we can progress on our path to a cleaner Earth.


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