Wiring Up Off Grid Tiny House Solar Panels And Battery Bank N18

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I spent the better part of a day wiring up the tiny home solar panels and solar battery bank. It was a cloudy day which is perfect for wiring up solar panels. Clouds mean no power which means no danger when connecting the solar panels.

I only get a few watts total when its cloudy with these solar panels.

I connected the two good 6 volt golf cart batteries together in series to make a single 12 volt battery. Then I pulled the Tristar MPPT solar charge controller from the RV and brought it over to the tiny house.

I connected the MPPT solar charge controller on the wall under the kitchen cabinet of the tiny house. This allows me to get a good view of the battery status and solar panel output at any time in my tiny house on wheels.

Next I spent quite a bit of time pulling the solar panel wires out from inside and underneath the RV. This will be the wire that runs between the solar panels out in the meadow and the tiny house battery bank.

I ran the wires out around my chicken coop and garden area, all the way up to the back of the tiny house. Then I ran that through the wall into the tiny home. I connected them up to the charge controller.

Next I mounted a solar panel on a wooden pallet for now and propped it up with a piece of pallet wood. This gives it a good angle to catch the sun’s rays. Then finally I connected the solar panel up to the wires which enter the tiny home.

I have power! Not much power but I have some energy entering the tiny house on wheels.

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