ZOLT Review – Best Solar Company in Delhi & Hyderabad (India)

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Zolt is rated as the best Solar Company in Delhi & Hyderabad (India). Customers are saving upto 60% on Electricity Bills.

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Zolt is the easiest way to go solar in India. Today Zolt has become a top Solar Company in Hyderabad, & Delhi (India). Zolt Energy has installed maximum rooftop on- grid Solar PV Systems in Delhi and Hyderabad. We specialize in providing the end to end spectrum of going solar by taking care of it in a completely hassle-free way, right from the site survey, feasibility and taking approvals to installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Zolt is on a mission towards a cleaner and greener India. Numerous happy customers who have chosen Zolt as their solar partner, are saving more than 50% on their current electricity. Creating the awareness about how advantageous switching to solar can be, is our prime motto, which inspired us to create this video where we asked our customers to share their experiences after going solar and educating other people on how much they can save by going solar. The video also shows how exactly the Net Metering process helps them to get power banking facility from their power company.
Solar Companies in Delhi

Zolt has created a name in the Solar rooftop installations in Delhi. In this video, you will hear customers talking about their real life experiences and the kind of savings they are making after switching to Solar. They are helping us to become the Best Solar Company in Delhi and also India.

Solar Companies in Hyderabad
We started our journey in Hyderabad and today we have numerous Solar installations all across Hyderabad. The video also has few testimonials from our Hyderabad customers. These are our patrons who we believe will make us a top Solar company in Hyderabad.

Solar Companies in India
We understand there are many Solar companies in India and choosing amongst them can be difficult for a customer. But when it comes to taxis, today we only rely on Uber and Ola. So, we are extremely focused on the Residential Solar market in India and we want to become the Best Solar Company in India for Rooftop Solar for homes.

We help you switch to Solar in these 5 easy steps:
1. Getting All Relevant Information:
Zolt provides you with all the information you need in understanding how solar energy can help you in reducing your power bills and leading an uninterrupted life. It is a lifestyle investment and we are here to ensure that you can make the most of it.
2. Identifying Your Requirements and Constraints
A residential customer today is either dealing with high power bills or frequent power cuts, or both. The rooftop is an asset that is used in multiple ways and dedicating a part of it to solar might be the best step forward. We help you evaluate different structural options, giving you the flexibility on ‘How You Want To Go Solar’.
3. Right-Sizing Your Solar Power Plant
Once we have helped you list down your requirements, we begin with sizing the optimum solar plant by translating your needs into final specifications and drawings for your approval.
4. Getting Your Net-Metering Approval
We coordinate with your power company to make sure you get the net-metering approvals as soon as possible.
5. Installation and Switch On
We will install the solar power plant on your rooftop to your satisfaction and coordinate with your Power Company for your meter change and switch on. All our systems come with 10-year maintenance so you can sit back, relax and watch all your electricity bill worries evaporate under the sun.
Other reasons to choose Zolt as your solar partner are we provide Customized structures for different sites. Designed structures create usable spaces instead of occupying it. Use it for your rooftop garden, an extra storage room or just to soak up some sun. We leave it to you.
If you are wondering how would you be able to track the electricity generation from your solar panel, we have the solution. Zolt PV systems come with solar remote monitoring facility to track your generation on your computer or phone. Watch your savings grow or simply brag to your friends.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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